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This is the season of the restart, olive trees and citrus fruits awaken from their vegetative rest and are filled with first new shoots and then new flowers. Olive tree pinks open, waiting for the wind, and the citrus blossoms attract pollinating insects that we respect using only natural products.
Olives and citrus fruits show themselves to the world; first shyly and then in all their beauty. We follow the fruits as they grow, we take care of them by feeding them only with substances of natural origin and using irrigation water when needed. Sun and heat are our allies as they keep the action of harmful insects in check and we constantly monitor them by sampling and field checks. If necessary, we are ready to act but always and only with natural products allowed in organic farming.
When autumn arrives, the olives are ready to be harvested, cultivar by cultivar at different times and very accurately. We are able to pick them at the best time to get the best results, within a few hours, in our mill. Fatigue marks our days but the smell of oil fills our senses and our heart: extra virgin oil is still being made.
Even the coldest season has its sweetest and most fragrant moments. And rich in vitamin C, like our citrus fruits, clementines and oranges that have seen their sourness turn into sweetness. The olive harvest has already ended in some estates and is coming to an end in others, we are ready to prune and fertilise the land with natural fertilisers, then wait for our trees to be ready to set out for a new four-season journey.